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Ezequiel S.


Based in Brussels, Babylonia photographer Ezequiel S. provides corporate, industrial and portrait photography services.
Born in Argentina, he begins his photo reporter career in Patagonia in 1994.
His pictures are published by editorials of Patagonia and Buenos Aires. In 2001, Spain is his first port of call in Europe. But it is Brussels he chooses as base in 2002, where he collaborates as freelance with Reuters, Associated Press, Belga agency and others. Since then, he has crossed more than 70 countries returning with news reports, society and travel features published in the European press.
With more than 20 years experience, Ezequiel is fluent in establishing contacts and working with people, organising, editing and presenting photography features.
For the past 10 years he has been covering international news stories for the European press such as: the Tsunami aftermath in the Indian ocean, the funeral of Pope Jean-Paul II, the terrorist attacks in London, the Zimbabwe crisis, the presidential elections in Chili, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, East-Timor, Paraguay and Mali; several European summits, among others.
In Babylonia, Ezequiel focuses on corporate photography and film production.