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Fine Art prints by Eliseo Miciu

Fine Art prints

All rights reserved © Eliseo Miciu

Giclee Printing technic

This print process consists of natural pigment inks (soil and carbon) that remain in time like oil on canvas, applied through an inkjet system of 11 colors called Piezography, on acid free cotton paper, specially designed to obtain the highest definition and tones.
All pictures are framed under museums regulations.
Limited editions
are printed only in 12, 24, 50 or 100 unique copies.

Eliseo Miciu - Biography

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, he spent his childhood with his family in Cordoba, Argentina.
He was strongly influenced by his father (Georg) and his grandfather (Konstantino), who were born and raised as plastic artists in Europe and travelled around the world exhibiting their work.

Eliseo's career started as an amateur photographer when he was 13 years old, seduced by the sceneries of San Martin de los Andes, his home in Patagonia, Argentina, since 1993. Shortly after settling down in this city, he decided to devote himself entirely to this art and was honoured with several awards in various local and national contests. He presented individual and collective exhibitions in San Martin de los Andes, Bariloche and Neuquen (Argentina) and was declared Revelation photographer during the photography month in Patagonia.

In 1998, he travelled to the United States, where he acquired great technical knowledge, and one year later he toured Europe and its museums, where he pursued to enhance his artistic aptitudes. At that time, he collaborated in Argentina as photo reporter with national and regional newspapers. He completed assignments for numerous companies in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, the USA and Spain, amongst which the following stand out: Quilmes, Aerolineas Argentinas, Grupo GMP, Ecomotion, Griffone, Accor, the Tourist Offices of Mexico, Argentina and Salta, Western Horseman and Mustad.

In 2008, he published his first book about the Province of Salta (Argentina). He is currently working on other books about Ski Resorts in Argentina and San Martin de los Andes city.

Another of major highlight of Eliseo's career is his collaboration with National Geographic where he worked as exclusive photographer for their book about Argentina, published worldwide.

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