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Professional photographer in Zegge and Breda, The Netherlands, Richard M. provides Hair, Fashion & Beauty photography services.

Richard is a well-known beauty photographer in Europe. He is based in the Netherlands where he owns his studio. However, he travels a lot for his photography work and often visits other countries like South Africa and America. Moreover, he is becoming more and more famous in America, which he regularly visits to shoot worldwide campaigns. 

He is known for his flexibility, high-spirited character, and his endless drive. He is an extremely driven photographer with a keen eye for detail and refuses to outsource his retouch since he wants to provide his clients with the best service possible. He has worked for many high-end brands and shot worldwide campaigns for, amongst others, Farouk Systems, L’anza US, Balmain Hair Paris, Quoins, and Make-Up Studio.

He loves working in a team and getting out the best results possible. He strongly believes that the art of photography is a creative process of reality turned into a personal vision. He tries to capture the emotions he feels at the moment when he clicks the camera’s shutter. 



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