Useful information for hiring Babylonia services

Babylonia proposes 5 different copyright licensing packages

It is a very simple formula: the more rights you request; the higher the licensing fee. It is in your best interest to know how the pictures will be used and to only request the rights you actually need.

1 - Corporate In-House Copyright Package:
+ you or your company is the final user of the images. 
+ you or your company may use the images for all internal communication purposes. 
+ you or your company may also use the pictures for the company websites, social media sites, newsletters, printed and digital in-house educational or promotional materials like printed or digital presentations, video presentations, annual reports, brochures, trade show banners, etc.
+ The license term is for 7 years.
— This license excludes Media / PR packets
— This license excludes third party advertising. In other words, the images may not be given, transferred or sold to or via a third party. 

For example, you or your company may not give the images to a magazine to accompany an article. If a publication needs a picture, your company or the publication must license the image directly from Babylonia.
Third Party Advertising is defined as any time your company pays for advertising space be it in a newspaper, magazine, internet platform, on TV, a billboard, on the side of a bus or metro car etc. If any of these types of usage are needed, you will need to negotiate a licensing fee on a case by case basis or upgrade your license to one of the broader licensing packages listed below.

2 - Standard Corporate Copyright Package:
This package includes all rights listed in the Corporate In-House Copyright Package, and additionally includes the following: 
+ Media / PR packets, meaning that you or your company may freely distribute the images to the media.
— No third party advertising is permitted with this license.

3 - Royalty Free Copyright Package:
This package includes all rights listed in the Standard Corporate Copyright Package but is not limited to 7 years. The images may be used in perpetuity.
— No third party advertising is permitted with this license.

4 - Full Royalty Free Copyright Package:
This package includes all rights listed in the Royalty Free Copyright Package; and the images can be used for any purpose including advertising in perpetuity.

5 - Full Copyright Buyout:
A full buyout means a total transfer of the copyright, which leaves Babylonia with no ownership and therefore no right to use the images.

In all packages (except a Full Copyright Buyout):
These licenses are not transferable and the images may not be sold to or via a third party. In other words, the resale of the images and or the license is not allowed unless stated in writing.
Babylonia's photographers, cameramen and the company itself always keep the “moral” copyright. They may use any of the images they produce for their own promotional purposes, such as but not limited to: digital and printed materials, portfolios, books, websites, mobile apps, etc., except when pictures contain sensitive or proprietary information.

Terms & Conditions

Unless stated differently in the contract, Babylonia employs a 14-day payment term from the date of the invoice. If you wish to have a longer payment term, please mention it in your request, but note that this will certainly have an impact on the budget.

For assignments exceeding 3.000 €, the client will be requested to make a deposit of 50% of the total amount in advance of the assignment date.
If extensive travel is required, or if any other excessive pre-production expenses are necessary, such as purchasing props, building a set, renting a studio, etc., the client will advance these expenses prior to making the aforesaid arrangements.
Bank transfer fees must be borne by the client. The currency for payment is Euro.
Unless previously negotiated and agreed with the client, Babylonia does not deliver the RAW files of a photo coverage or a photo production.
When budgeting, Babylonia takes into account the specific tasks related to photography, video or any other services only. Unless otherwise mentioned, any additional expenses such as local transportation, parking, airfare, train fare, car rental, hotels, meals or other unexpected production or logistic related expenses will be added to the invoice.

Babylonia expects to receive a clear and detailed request, in writing, concerning the assignment, containing all the necessary information to develop the assignment and successfully meet the client’s needs and expectations. To avoid unexpected administrative or production requests, the following items may add costs to the final invoice, if not mentioned in your original request:

·         If you have lengthy documents or contracts to be evaluated by Babylonia.

·         If you need Babylonia to create a photo-session schedule or other logistical planning including making travel arrangements.

·         If you want Babylonia's photographer to attend meetings, to do location scouting or to provide tax certificates, financial statements, acquire special permits, etc.

These tasks will be considered as “production work” and will be charged at the rate of 90€/hour excluding VAT.

Any unexpected and not previously agreed “production work” will be invoiced at the aforementioned rate. 

Babylonia has its own contract specifying this agreement.

Babylonia’s contract is ruled by Belgian law under European Union legislation. In the event you wish to apply another legal agreement for the contractual relationship with Babylonia and depending on the complexity of your document, this may be sent to a lawyer for legal advice. This review of legal documents will be charged at the rate of 200€/hour, excluding VAT.

Babylonia is based in Brussels, Belgium. Unless specifically requested by the client and agreed by Babylonia, Belgian law will govern the agreement. The courts of Brussels, Belgium will have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute concerning our working agreement.

The changing of tribunals to another country may have an impact on Babylonia's budget proposal.

Babylonia's photographers and Babylonia company carry standard professional liability insurance. The costs of any additional insurance requested by the client will be added to the invoice.

The mission of Babylonia is to create images or to provide services to meet the client's request by using its professionalism, experience and aesthetic approach. Babylonia is not responsible for the client’s final use of the images. 

Babylonia will not be held liable for any consequences arising from the use or misuse of the images by the client.

Babylonia does not take any liability regarding the infringement of the rights of any person, property or object pictured or filmed during an assignment. The client who requested the photography / video service is responsible for any infringement of the aforementioned rights. Any request to have Babylonia signing a contract that includes a contrary clause will be refused.