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DOP - Video Producer - Camera operator

Stas is a Russian-born American citizen who brings a creative approach to videography and cinematography. His first apporach to the cinema was picking his family's 8mm home video camera at 10 years of age in Siberia.
He studied in the prestigious Academy of Cinematography Art & TV Broadcasting in Russia's Ural region. Beginning with professional work in Russian TV news, Stas learned innovative ways to shoot live concerts, sports, and interviews, skills he has built upon during more than a decade of life in the U.S.
Stas has served as director of photography and Steadicam operator on projects ranging from corporate video, to reality television, to documentaries, and motion pictures. Stas also brings practical know-how to innovate solutions on the go. A people person, Stas enjoys a collaborative approach to projects large and small, leading the way with a language spoken with fluid camera moves and fluent English and Russian.


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