Video & motion graphics production 

Showreel Babylonia

Client: Party of European Socialists
Service: Video & graphic motion production

Client: The Club of Rome | Service: Book presentation video

Client: Forest Value | Service: Photography & Film production

"We used the services of Babylonia to produce a corporate movie. Based on our experience, I can heartily recommend this company as they delivered a high standard professional service in the budget and time scheduled."

Paul Delesenne
Managing Partner
Forest Value Investment Management S.A.

Client: Age Platform Europe | Service: Graphic Motion

Client: P&G | Agency: Ketchum
Service: Video production

Client: Mostra Communication | Service: Film production

Client: Bare International | Service: Video production

"Working with Babylonia has been a real pleasure. The constant professionalism and dedicated work of Babylonia has made of our ECX 2012 event a successful marketing tool in the Customer Experience arena. I am deeply thankful for the attention to detail and all the resources used to make ECX 2012 an innovative Mystery Shopping leadership event."

Vicky Martinez Dorr
Business Development Manager Europe
Bare International

Client: European Endowment For Democracy - Service: Video production